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Clock Mechanism with White Hands Replacement

Clock Mechanism with White Hands Replacement

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This Clock Mechanism serves as a replacement for the our Stock and Personalized Clocks that come with white hands. The white hands that come with this unit are the ideal length for our 15.5" diameter clocks.

The hands measure approximately 4.5" for the hour hand, 5.5" for the minute hand, and 6.5" for the second hand (note that the second hand extends both directions from the spindle. The mechanism is approximately 2" x 2", and has an incorporated hanger built into it. The threaded spindle area measures approximately .3" diameter and .2" in length. The mechanism uses 1 AA battery (not included).



Measures 2 in Vertical

Measures 2 in Horizontal

Care Instructions

Wipe with clean, dry cloth. If additional cleaning is necessary use a mild soap, water and a clean, soft cloth.

Production Time

Stock Collection items will typically ship within 1 business day (Monday through Friday and excluding holidays) of the placement of your order.

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