Special Request - Love You Sister

Special Request - Love You Sister

This Sister Love sign was a request from a returning customer. She was looking for a sign to gift to her youngest daughter.

Our customer told me about the recent loss of her eldest daughter and the message that she had written on a mirror before her passing to her little sister.  This sign was written in red lipstick on a vanity mirror and is something that means the world to her daughter today. They were both worried about the lipstick fading, or the mirror getting broken for the original memento, so we were able to design this piece that will last a lifetime to commemorate such a touching gesture.

We discussed the size for the sign and she sent me a picture of the mirror and its dimensions. We wanted to make it as close to scale as possible and to also mimic the handwriting as closely as possible. We were very happy with the end result and even happier to hear back about how much she and her daughter loved the sign. They now have something that will last a very long time without all of the worry over the mirror.

We were happy to be a part of making such a heartwarming gift and memory.


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Beautiful testament to the care you took with what will be a lasting memory for Devon. Much thanks! Lorrie

Lorrie Little

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