The Story Behind our "Dog Love Heart Metal Sign"

The Story Behind our "Dog Love Heart Metal Sign"

Our oldest daughter has always loved animals. Whether it's dogs, horses or really any living thing, she truly empathizes. Her love for animals and especially our first family dog inspired us to design this sign. Our rescue dog, Macie, is a wonderful addition to our family and immediately made her presence known. Our intention was to display the love that we have for our Macie and remind us every day of the love that she has brought to our family. She has been able to convert our younger daughter from being deathly afraid of dogs to being the one that may love Macie the most.

Whether you adopt a puppy, rescue an adult dog who had a tough start, or decide to take home an elderly dog, they are sweet to the core. Our sign will remind you of the feeling that your dog gives or gave you.

Take a closer look at our "Dog Love Heart Metal Sign" on its product page. As always please feel free to Contact Us with any other metal sign or decor questions.

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