Our New Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine

Our New Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine

We are excited to have taken delivery of our new Fiber Laser metal cutting machine! Over the last 14 months, we researched the best solution for our growing business to increase efficiency and make us better able to serve our customers. Our new laser will enable us to reduce our turn around time and be able to make even more intricate designs a reality.

We are working overtime, day and night, to get our new machine fully set up since this machine is replacing our previous metal cutter. We are trying to minimize any downtime in our production. It is no small task, but we have a great team that is getting this accomplished.

**UPDATE** As of 1/18/23 we are cutting! Our new laser cutter is up and running and cutting beautifully. We were able to get all existing orders cut by 1/19/23 and many through powder coat process. As of 1/23/23 we have all existing orders completed and either shipped or queued for shipping. We appreciate all of our customers' patience in receiving orders. We are really excited to have this machine cutting.

Stay tuned for our next update and surely some cutting videos!

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