Happy Campers

Happy Campers

Anyone who knows me and my girls, knows that we love to camp. Whether it is camping with the Girl Scouts, with friends or just a fun family trip, we enjoy being in nature, the fresh air and showing off our Nightingale Metal Design Camping Signs.

Our love for camping started 10 years ago when I took my girls to Knoebel's Family Amusement Park for 3 days of rides, swimming, water slides and camping out under the stars. Our first 5 years we camped in a tent. One year it rained,  poured buckets really. We all woke up soaked, cold and miserable. That was the last year of camping in a tent for this family. Within weeks I had purchased a Skamper Pop Up Camper. It was quite the mess, but I knew I could renovate it into the perfect camper for us; and I did.

Anyone who knows about a Pop Up Camper, knows there is a lot of cranking, leveling, pushing and pulling associated with the set up. We loved this camper, and used it for 2 years until I decided we needed something bigger, with more storage and a bathroom. Waking up in the middle of a cold rainy night, in the woods to take a walk to the bathroom is NO fun. That's when I found the perfect 22ft Travel Trailer. I renovated this one too and made it into the perfect camper for my family and me. Just pull this guy to our spot, back it in (100 times if I am the one backing it up) and start up the campfire for some good old fashioned Smores. This year, our 10th year of camping, we will be adding a new family member to our camping trips, our rescue dog, Macie. Wish us luck!

Now when we go camping we have our personalized sign at our site. It turns many heads and helps us meet our campsite neighbors. We are making a variety of camper signs currently. Some to be staked into the ground at your site, some to hang in your camper, and we even have a Glamper license plate frame! The ideas are endless for camping signs and sayings. If you are a camper, or know someone who loves to camp, let us make something special for you. Check out our existing Camping Signs.

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