The story behind our "Antler Rustic Family Name Metal Sign"

The story behind our "Antler Rustic Family Name Metal Sign"

Our Antler sign was designed to match the décor in our friend's home. The rustic, outdoors feel was the goal and we think that it "hit the target" with the final design. We feel that this sign has a superior balance regarding the antler size, the initial placement and the personalized name bar through the middle compared with others that we have seen. Our customers have used this as décor on bookshelves, in wreaths, above mantels and in many other spaces where this look is desired.

Take a look at what your personalized "Antler Rustic Family Name Metal Sign" will look like on the product page. We have an amazing personalization tool for you to see a rendering of what your sign will look like live right on our site. This sign comes in multiple different sizes to best suit the space you intend to use it. Please Contact Us with any other metal sign or décor question you may have.

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