Hummingbirds - The start of our bird collection

Hummingbirds - The start of our bird collection

Hummingbirds are such amazing birds. Their size, color, speed and behavior are all so wonderful, and truly amazing. I had never seen a hummingbird up close until the summer of 2019 when we hung a hummingbird feeder at our kitchen window.

Within a week of hanging the feeder, we welcomed our first visitor. I would sit at my kitchen counter a few days each week while working from home and get so many visits every day from the same hummingbird. I did my research and found out that it was a female. Then, within a few weeks I realized that I was being visited by yet another hummingbird, this one was male. I was truly in awe over these birds. They brought such peace to me with their daily visits.

I looked forward to seeing them daily throughout the spring and summer seasons. Of course we had to create our metal Hummingbird to share with our customers, which in turn, led to the start of our Bird Collection. Our Bird Collection is continually growing as we come to appreciate each one for it's unique characteristics.

Have a story about your favorite bird? We would love to hear it. Please share in the comment box below.

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