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How to assemble your NMD clock hands mechanism

So, you purchased one of our Nightingale Metal Design Custom or Personalized clocks but the mechanism came to you uninstalled. Why? There is a good reason for this. When we first started selling our clocks and packaging them for shipping, I was putting the clock hands and mechanism together and adding it to the clock so that it got to our customers ready to hang. I thought that was best for our customer, but one of our customers contacted me to tell me that their hands were bent when they opened up their NMD clock. That was the last thing I wanted to hear. I was sure I packaged it carefully. Truth is, shipping anything is a risk and we all know how "careful" the postal service or other carriers are with our packages. So, I decided that the safest bet was NOT to assemble the clock parts before shipping and to wrap them separately in the same box with the clock.

In every NMD clock purchase I include printed directions, with a picture for a visual. I know that I love a visual and so I hope it helps you as well. Did you lose your clock instructions? Maybe you threw it away because you were so excited to open your NMD box to see your new clock and tossed it with the packaging paper? Well have no fear, I have added the same instructions here. 

We know you're excited to get started but before you jump in, know that your clock hands are very delicate. Please handle with care. You will also notice that there is a plastic film over each hand to protect the finish. Don't forget to pull that film off, or leave it, your preference. Leaving this film on or taking it off, does not affect the performance of the clock that we have noticed.

STEP 1 - Place the rubber washer over the center shaft.

STEP 2 - Insert the center shaft of the mechanism through the center hole of the clock face. Your battery compartment should be at the bottom.

STEP 3 - Place the brass washer over the center hand shaft.

STEP 4 - Hand tighten the mounting nut onto the shaft. Do not over-tighten. It should be hand tight plus a quarter turn.

STEP 5 - Push the shorter (hour) hand onto the shaft.

STEP 6 - Mount the longer (minute) hand on the shaft.

Please note: Our minute hands are push-on hands and do not require an open nut to secure the hand.

STEP 7 - Gently push the second hand onto the shaft. Make sure your hands are not touching your clock face or obstructing one another. This will keep your hands from moving freely and smoothly.

STEP 8 - Add your battery.

STEP 9 - CONGRATS! Now you can hang your clock for all to see. Don't forget to take a quick pic of your masterpiece and send it on over to us. We love seeing our signs/clocks "in action".


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