This sign was designed by my 11 year old daughter.  4 years ago we adopted the cutest, most squeaky and cuddly baby guinea pig.  He was a sweet little guy with his own "on edge" personality.  He was orange and white with beautiful red eyes.  When we adopted Cuddles he was the baby of the family.  We had already had a 3 year old guinea pig, Thunder.  The girls would play with them in a pack n play to get them used to each other.  In no time, they were best buddies.  Last summer, our Cuddles crossed the rainbow bridge.  It was very sad for us, but what was worse, was that our eldest daughter was away at camp when he passed.  When she did come home from camp, and broke the news, she designed this special marker for our garden to remember our Cuddle Bug.  RIP Cuddles   XOXO

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