"The BEST Bow Hanger Ever"

Bows, Bows and more Bows! I definitely couldn't pass up the opportunity to write about the inspiration behind making the biggest bow hanger ever!  

A few years ago, my youngest daughter discovered Jo Jo Siwa.  From that moment on, she was hooked on everything Jo Jo, especially the BOWS!  Over 2-3 years, her bow collection continued to grow.  Every birthday, every Christmas, every trip to Target, Kohl's and any store with a Jo Jo Bow was another bow in her hair.  Big bows, small bows, colorful bows, glittery and sparkly bows.  If it was a Jo Jo Bow, she had to have it. The bigger the better.  One for every outfit.  A different bow every day. Seriously.

After numerous bow hanger purchases and trying to find a place for each of these many bows, we decided to make a BIG bow hanger.  It would solve all of our bow hanging problems.  Well, we drew it up, we painted it a shiny white and I brought it home.  Our daughter LOVED it! She couldn't wait to get all of her bows hung up and on display.  I had her pick out a wide, rainbow print ribbon and we went to work to hang every single bow. We think it turned out pretty great! It is the most perfect addition to her bedroom and looks amazing!  Picking out a different bow every day is a breeze with this amazing bow hanger. My daughter thinks that her bow hanger is "The Best Bow Hanger Ever"!

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