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Nightingale Metal Design

Bluebird Metal Bird Tree Sign

Bluebird Metal Bird Tree Sign

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The Bluebird is a favorite among gardeners for its voracious appetite for insects. We like it because it's a good-looking thrush. The best part about the Bluebird Metal Bird Tree Sign is that the silhouette captured in steel can be easily recognized as a bluebird by a trained eye.

We use thick, 11 gauge steel for a super sturdy bird. Use a hammer and a scrap piece of wood to tap your Bluebird into a tree, wood post, or anywhere that you want to display this beauty. If you are hammering this into hardwood we suggest to pre-drill. We have incorporated a "spike" to keep this guy in place. We offer this in a black powder coat finish or in raw steel that will patina very quickly for a beautiful rustic look

Measurements - 8.25" x 11.25"

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